There’s a reason there’s a cottage industry growing up around makeup dupes: the knockoffs of your favorite products can be really and actually good. When you snag a faux version of a high-end highlighter from the drugstore or online, you know (and are cool with the fact) that you’re not getting the real deal—but imagine you thought you were buying the OG product, only to discover something about your purchase was off. Not cool. According to a new consumer report, more people than you’d think are unknowingly buying counterfeit makeup and skincare.

MarkMonitor, a brand protection agency that keeps companies in the know about falsies floating around on the internet, just released survey data from 4,400 respondents across 10 countries that found some pretty disturbing things about our online buying habits. First off, over a quarter of people are unknowingly buying counterfeit goods — including makeup, skincare, supplements, and even (shudder) medication —when they buy online. Of the fakes, makeup was cited as the most commonly purchased knockoff item, and the majority of falsies came from online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon where individual sellers have access to the platform.

The scariest part is how consumers reported they finally found out about their counterfeit goods. Receiving a knockoff isn’t just annoying, it can be dangerous — 34 percent reported they figured out the products in question were fake after experiencing a bad reaction. Yikes.

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