With the holiday season wrapping up, January is marked with long return lines and refund requests both online and in-store. Many unwanted gifts or ones of incorrect size or kind are sent back to vendors, but what do you do when you’ve been injured by a product?

Such is the case with many cosmetic products on the market, including eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, mascaras, eyeliners and more. If finding your favorite luxury items with slashed prices seems too good to be true, it probably is. Consumers can end up paying for far more than they originally bargained for when buying a cheap alternative, and with counterfeit makeup, it could cost you harmful side effects.

Some knock off versions of products appear remarkably similar to their original counterparts yet are being sold for half the price. Vendors of imitation products ensure customers that they perform just as well as the real thing, or may even try to pass the counterfeit off as the original. While an eyeshadow palette or lipstick may look similar to the original and be wrapped in near identical packaging, the formula in these palettes and tubes is often a far cry from the authentic product.

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