Los Angeles, CA – eBay is under fire for some shady practices – enabling and facilitating the sale of an inexhaustible supply of counterfeit goods, while hiding behind illusory counterfeit policies1 and ineffective website policing.

  • A U.S. Government Accountability Office (“GAO”) investigation of counterfeit consumer goods on eBay (EBAY), Amazon (AMZN), Sears (SHLD), Walmart (WMT) and Newegg found that about 50% of the items purchased by the GAO were counterfeit.2
  • Forbes recently deemed the e-commerce giant a “cesspool of counterfeits and other illegal and potentially dangerous goods.3

eBay has migrated from the auction house of garage sale items to a global “Marketplace” seller model. These unvetted global sellers are about 80% of eBay business. The same model landed China’s Alibaba on The Office of the United States Trade Representative’s Notorious Markets List – a condemnation and designation reserved for the world’s most notorious markets for counterfeit goods.

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