You probably expected to read about The Counterfeit Report®, its founder, and the support staff including; a mechanical engineer, general counsel and media relations specialist, and what we do. But I thought it would make more sense to tell you about counterfeiting, because it’s why we do what we do. This is an ever-evolving page simply because the counterfeit industry is ever-changing. We adapt to the changes, update the information and publish it for you and over 2000 news outlets. And who knows, we may help you avoid having the next product you buy being a dangerous or deadly counterfeit, supporting criminals or getting someone hurt.

Help keep our products safe, medications pure and economy robust by combating counterfeiters. Report fake and counterfeited products, medications, copyright or trade mark violations, and all acts of software and music piracy. Don’t be deceived by fake or counterfeit products, check before you buy.

This website has a list of all the Enforcement Agencies and Resources in the United States.

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