Don’t be deceived by a fake — Check products before you buy

Counterfeit products hurt everyone
The Counterfeit Report website keeps a great list of counterfeit beauty products to be on the lookout for.

Some examples:

Fullips: Lip Enhancers

Pucker up before you put your lipstick or lip gloss on. Finally, a lip enhancing tool for fuller, healthier-looking lips without the injections or chemicals. Small enough to carry in your makeup bag, simply use the Fullips Lip Enhancer before applying   (more…)

MAC: Cosmetics (Mineralize Blush)

M-A-C Cosmetics takes great pride in producing the finest quality prestige makeup. Because of this, M-A-C vigorously pursues counterfeiting operations and the individuals responsible for the production, distribution and sale of counterfeit goods.    (more…)
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