Celebrity brands such as Kylie Cosmetics and Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty have issued warnings about fake beauty products and retailers.

Social media now contributes to more than 50% of black market cosmetics sales.

New research by Red Points, a copyright protection firm, revealed that Facebook could be traced to 41.1% of infringement cases and Instagram contributed to 9%. Out of the 50,000 suspected product infringements that Red Points discovered for its cosmetics clients last year, eBay contributed to 30.4% of fraudulent sales.

Laura Urquizu, CEO of Red Points, said: “Counterfeiting is a challenge that has always plagued the cosmetics industry but which has been amplified in recent years, with the advent of social media, despite online platforms’ work, such as Amazon, eBay and Facebook, with brands and law enforcement to zero in on counterfeiters.”

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