Beauty addicts love a good makeup sale. With prices for the good stuff continuing to climb and trends constantly changing, it’s no wonder cosmetics fans look for discounts and even resort to dumpster diving in order to snag free designer cosmetics. Then, there are the knockoffs. There have always been counterfeit versions of high-end apparel and accessories – why not beauty products, too?

You may ultra-tempted by that $5 online listing for a Kylie Lip Kit (especially if it’s sold out in every single authorized store), but step away from the computer. Counterfeit makeup is flat-out dangerous, and you’re far better served buying a drugstore dupe. You may be aware of some terrible knockoff makeup stories, like the one about a blogger who suffered painful rashes and chemical burns, but every tale from the multi-million dollar counterfeit cosmetics industry is harrowing. Dangerous fake makeup can slowly poison your body and even cause cancer.

The industry of counterfeit beauty products is on the rise, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy in. Here’s what you need to know about knockoff makeup.

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