Counterfeiters ramp up efforts to promote fake cosmetics and gifts in the lead up to different holidays.

Red Points, a global leader in online IP infringement detection and removal, released a report detailing trends around counterfeit Mother’s Day gifts as well as beauty and cosmetic purchases in the U.S. The report, which was conducted via third-party surveys and internal customer data, reveals new findings on consumer sentiment and behavior around counterfeit gifts for Mother’s Day, and a spike in sales of beauty and cosmetics goods during the holiday.

Mother’s Day is a substantial commercial event in the U.S., with Americans spending an average of $180 each, totaling a $23.1 billion spend on the holiday. With this in mind, Red Points surveyed 1,500 Americans planning to purchase a Mother’s Day gift online, to gauge how significant of an issue counterfeiting is around the holiday.

Read the article to see the results and download the full report.

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