Illegality aside, fake beauty products pose risks to your skin that you’re best off not taking.

When we think of counterfeit beauty products, it is easy to write them off as something you have only come across in slightly dodgy market stalls.

It becomes a much more concerning issue when it comes to the reality of buying beauty online, particularly from larger “open” retailers who allow tens of thousands of sources to retail products.

With counterfeits being readily available on sites like Amazon and eBay, it becomes clear that this illegal industry isn’t being monitored to the extent that it should be, even with Amazon’s Project Zero coming into effect, an initiative that allows brands to remove third-party stockists from the site themselves.

Buying a fake product is an annoyance to any consumer. Nobody wants to contribute their hard-earned moolah to — let’s face it— criminals.

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The Skin Nerd: Counterfeit cosmetics are a real risk to your health

Photo from the Irish Examiner

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