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It is each seller’s and supplier’s responsibility to source, sell, and fulfill only authentic products. Prohibited products include bootlegs, fakes, or pirated copies of products or content; products that have been illegally replicated, reproduced, or manufactured; and products that infringe another party’s intellectual property rights. If you sell or supply inauthentic products, we may immediately suspend or terminate your Amazon selling account (and any related accounts) and destroy any inauthentic products in our fulfillment centers at your expense. In addition, we do not pay sellers until we are confident our customers have received the authentic products they ordered. We may withhold payments if we determine that an Amazon account has been used to sell inauthentic goods, commit fraud, or engage in other illegal activity.

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When you sell on eBay, be sure your items aren’t replicas, counterfeits, or unauthorized copies. To report listings that offer counterfeit items or replicas, please contact us.

We have lots more detail on the types of products that are considered unauthorized in our guidelines below, but please be aware this isn’t exhaustive list.

Selling such items can infringe on someone’s copyright or trademark, which is against the law and eBay policy.

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Alibaba Hong Kong Limited (“”) respects intellectual property rights of others and we expect our users to honor the same. takes a serious stance in dealing with intellectual property infringement claims on our websites at and  We also rely on the cooperation of intellectual property rights owners.

Listings of counterfeits, replicas, or other unauthorized items are prohibited on the Site strictly.
Listings of offers to sell or purchase counterfeits, replicas, or other unauthorized items shall be subject to removal by

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